New model of digital pen – Neo Smartpen

Good news!  „It’s a really smart pen” – say OSCE observers, who used a new digital pen model – Neo smartpen – during the parliamentary elections in Moldova. We are happy to inform that a korean company Neo Lab – a renowned manufacturer of digital pens – is our new partner and supplier of hardware.  

Impact’18 with IC Pen technology

Impact’18 is behind us! For IC Solutions, it is not only a time of good meetings, but also the opportunity to present our idea of data digitization at the Challenger Arena.

XII Economic Forum of the Poznań Metropolis

During the 11th Economic Forum of the Poznań Metropolis, the Vice President of IC Solutions, Przemysław Jesionowski, was invited to take part in the panel “Automation, digitization and economy 4.0 – investments in the future economy”. Forum participants had the opportunity to sign in to the Guestbook with IC Pen.