Data digitization

The flagship product of IC Solutions is IC Pen - an innovative data digitization platform that utilizes digital pens, styluses and Wacom devices. Each of those devices allows to compare and authenticate signatures made on contracts, thanks to biometric features.

In IC Pen it is very simple to change or add the input method. Changing digital pens to styluses, Wacoms and vice versa or using them together is done without extra costs. In this aspect, IC Pen is unique in global scale.

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Organizational Audit

Organizational audit

Organizational audit is a service of diagnosing and evaluating the functioning of an organizational and process organization, with particular regard to workflow of documents, IT processes and IT security:

  • IT security
    Verification of the implementation of security standards, both technical and legal (the way to store personal data)
  • Ergonomics of system
    Verifying that existing software is optimal from an enterprise perspective, including areas and ways to increase the company's IT efficiency.
    Identifying locations where the use of existing IT systems would significantly increase productivity while reducing cost.
  • Process innovation
    Indication of non-standard solutions, which can significantly improve the quality of functioning and organization of the company.
  • Documentation flow
    Carry out a detailed audit related to the analysis of the current documentation in paper form.

The particular type of audit that we offer is the Medical Documentation Audit in the light of the provisions on Electronic Medical Records

The purpose of the audit is to collect information on places of filling in and processing of medical records and to specify the types of forms of  paper medical records in the institution. The result of the diagnosis is to propose solutions to optimize the documentation issue and its proper archiving in accordance with the Electronic Medical Records Act.


Dedicated IT systems

The IC Solutions development department offers the implementation of any business IT solution.

A team of young and ambitious programmers, eager to take on any challenge is managed by outstanding software development specialists experienced in implementing software solutions including IBM International.


IC Solutions is a partner of leading hardware distributors, so we have access to the latest and cheapest hardware solutions.

Investing in the development of our customers, we provide our software with hardware at atrractive prices offered by our partners.