Wacom - the leading manufacturer of interactive tablets and pen displays. In partnership with Wacom, we provide digital pen and eSignature solutions combining the experience of the world leader in hardware with our knowledge of the software.


Microsoft - we are a partner of Microsoft within the BizSpark program, so we have constant access to the latest technological and development solutions of this leading IT company.



SpeedUp - we have the support of the SpeedUp SeedFoundingGroup investment fund. This ensures us financial security as well as extensive technical and organizational background.

CompuGroup Medical - leader of the Polish IT market in the medical industry, provider of hospital IT system CliniNET. The CliniNET product is integrated with digital pens to allow doctors, nurses, and even patients to quickly, efficiently and effortlessly enter documents into the system.



Asseco - IT market leader in Central and Eastern Europe. HIS Class System: AMMS integrated with digital pens to carry full electronic medical records, also in areas where paper still needs to be used)

City of Poznań - we take part in the program, which consists in the mutual cooperation of the city and the originators of startups, which originate from Poznan.

Poznański Science and Technology Park - we have the support of the investment fund of the Adam Mickiewicz Foundation.

MedHub (Alma) – one of the leaders of the IT market in the IT industry in Poland, the author of the Eskulap hospital computer system. The Eskulap product has been integrated with digital pens so that every patient's consent can be immediately visible in the computer system.


Estomed - Hakon Software, the creator of one of the most interesting solutions for the clinic and small medical clinics. IC Pen is integrated with the Simple Care solution, so that all patient documents are automatically registered in the system without having to maintain a paper archive.