IC Solutions' mission can be defined in two words by Invisible Computing (IC), making it unobtrusive. Our vision is to create and implement technologically advanced IT projects that change the world of analogue to digital in an unassailable way. Based on our experience, high technology is the way to reach everyone, not just for the selected. Thanks to such a view, the users of our solution can be Poznan medical staff, Warsaw social security guards, Gdańsk Maritime Institute researchers, but also international OSCE observers who leave for missions in various parts of the world and use our technology to complete the reports, assessing whether the elections are conducted in democratic way.


Imagine a world without a computer. Can you? We can't either! The huge potential of computers, overload of information as well as technology development increasing speed of life makes computers an inevitable tool in almost all areas of life. Now imagine a world without a visible computers, without screens, windows and cables. Can't you? Well, we can!

IC Solutions provides complex and innovative IT environments. Our goal is to improve processes that occur in businesses and institutions. We provide support on all stages of the project, starting with diagnosis, all the way through the concept of processes, IT development and implementation of the dedicated solution. After that, we provide maintenance of the application to ensure perfect operation.

Our team

dr Rafał Witkowski

founder, CEO

Patrycja Kogut


Przemysław Jesionowski


Tomasz Kalinowski


We’re hiring!

As a dynamically growing company we still need fresh blood, heads full of ideas and zeal for their fulfillment. We are constantly recruiting new workplaces, and anyone who wants to implement innovative technology or is interested in working for a young team that is pursuing an unparalleled venture can find a job!

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IC Solutions poszukuje pracownika na stanowisko Programista .NET – dowiedz się więcej!

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